Join us on our mission

Vanna is reimagining healthcare for people with serious mental illness. We need people like you to turn this vision into reality.

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Redefine what it means to work in community health

Today, community health workers, peer support specialists, and the programs they drive often suffer from insufficient funding, high burnout, 50%+ vacancy rates, and cumbersome technology.

Vanna redefines the experience of working in these critical roles through innovative funding models, desirable wages and benefits (including subsidized training and certification), as well as modern, purpose-built, mobile-first technology.

Vanna is committed to providing individuals with culturally inclusive support

For all races, ethnicities, religions, sexual orientations, gender identities, and other social factors, such as history of incarceration. This includes hiring talent that represents diverse viewpoints as well as designing inclusive solutions for all Vanna members.

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Our values

Believe ANYONE can flourish

  • We believe in recovery and that no person is too ill to recover.

  • If recovery does not happen in a timely fashion, it is because we have not yet found the right key.

  • Go above and beyond to deliver for our members even if inconvenient.

Be humbitious

  • Be relentless and take what we do and our mission very seriously, but not ourselves.

  • Acknowledge your own ego and always remember it’s about our members and something greater than yourself.

  • It’s ok to fail and make mistakes as long as we are all continuously learning.

Seek the truth

  • Encourage respectful disagreement and candor by showing a hunger for new and different ideas.

  • Lead with curiosity, consciously listen, and recognize that everyone’s voice is important regardless of role, tenure, or seniority.

  • Let go of being right and celebrate changing your mind with new data.

Focus on impact

  • Always seek an understanding of the impact of your work, and prioritize impact towards our shared goals vs. being “busy.”

  • Eliminate ambiguity, be resourceful, and thrive by seeing problems as opportunities.

  • Collaborate on and communicate complex concepts using concise written narratives.

  • Make and honor clear commitments by actually writing down who will do what by when.

Be a conscious leader

  • Become radically responsible by taking 100% of your responsibility.

  • Show appreciation and encourage yourself and others to operate in their zone of genius.

  • Earn trust and assume positive intent until shown otherwise.

  • Foster an environment in which all members feel included, supported, and hold one another accountable.