The solution is social, not just medical

There is overwhelming evidence that healthcare is most effective when it addresses the social dimension of living with SMI, including housing, employment, family relationships, access to healthy nutrition, friendships, transportation, and meaningful daily activities.

Our vision is to make this model of healthcare the gold standard for supporting SMI, starting with psychosocial rehabilitation.

different people in a cafe setting, interacting with each other

An evidence-based approach that improves outcomes

Psychosocial rehab is an evidence-based approach that helps people with SMI learn to live independently with their condition and actively participate in society.

For example, the clubhouse model of psychosocial rehabilitation is proven to improve quality of life in addition to overall health - reducing psychiatric symptoms by 60%, hospitalization by 5x, and cost of care by 20%.

When people with SMI thrive, society benefits: these interventions also improve rates of employment and housing.

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