Reimagining care and community for people with serious mental illness

We're rebuilding the payment model and technology to enable community based care so people with serious mental illness (SMI) can enjoy long, healthy, meaningful lives.

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Today, our healthcare system is failing people with SMI

Despite $280B in annual healthcare spend for SMI, people with SMI still experience:

  • 20 years reduced life expectancy,  from largely preventable physical health conditions

  • 2x rates of preventable disease

The solution is social, not just medical

There is overwhelming evidence that psychosocial rehabilitation improves outcomes through a focus on community inclusion and the social dimension of living with SMI

Health Outcomes


Reduction in psychiatric symptoms


Reduction in hospitalization


Reduction in cost of care

Social Outcomes


Individuals housed, up from 60%

< 5%



Improvement in time employed

But today, 95% of the 14M adults living with SMI don’t have regular access to psychosocial rehab.

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Introducing Vanna Connect

Inclusive psychosocial rehab at scale

Empowering people living with SMI to flourish by finding a purpose and a sense of belonging in the community.

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1:1 coach engagement

  • different hands coming together to hold each other

    Local pod support groups

  • group of adults chatting in a common room

    Connection to physical clubhouses

  • black woman in pink shirt looking at phone while typing on it

    Digital engagement

The trust and ongoing engagement developed through Vanna Connect improves social and clinical outcomes and lowers total cost of care

Vanna drives outcomes and reduces total cost of care by supporting appropriate engagement with preventive clinical care, particularly for those not currently engaged with providers

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