Introducing Vanna Connect

Inclusive psychosocial rehab at scale. Empowering people living with SMI to flourish by finding a purpose and a sense of belonging in the community.

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1:1 coach engagement

Vanna hires Coaches locally who know their communities inside and out.

Vanna Coaches come from diverse backgrounds and have a variety of lived experiences, including with their own recovery from mental illness and/or substance use, prior criminal justice involvement, and more, so that each Vanna member can choose a Coach they relate to.

Vanna Coaches:

  • Lead outreach and build trust with members over time, enabling socialization and practical support through every step of the recovery journey

  • Connect wherever is most convenient for the member, whether at the member's home, in a public setting, or via remote communication

  • Bring experience and qualifications as Community Health Workers and/or Peer Support Specialists

  • Address immediate social needs such as housing, food, and transportation

  • Develop and support navigation of the member's personalized psychosocial rehab and preventative clinical care

Local pod support groups

  • Vanna coaches support members in forming pods, small peer support groups, to encourage and support each other on their recovery journey

  • Pods are typically comprised of 3-5 members with shared interests and goals that serve as the foundation for genuine social connection and friendship

  • This peer-based approach supports mutual accountability and helps members discover a sense of belonging and community

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Vanna coaches invite members to participate in programming at local clubhouses.

Clubhouses are local community centers dedicated to helping people with SMI reintegrate into society. We partner with and support a network of existing clubhouses in each community.

Clubhouses are governed by a set of values and programs, including:

  • Referring to individuals with SMI as “members” as opposed to “patients” or "clients"

  • Providing members with meaningful daily activities to help them discover their talents and skills

  • Supporting opportunities to obtain paid employment in the local labor market through a Clubhouse-created Transitional Employment Program

  • Providing assistance in securing and sustaining safe, decent and affordable housing

Source: Clubhouse International

Digital engagement

Vanna's member-facing digital platform is available as an option to members who are interested in an additional channel of community engagement

  • Vanna members access an online community with discussion boards, educational resources to support health and wellness, and information on upcoming in-person and virtual events

  • Members can also virtually participate in pods or clubhouses

  • Vanna provides access to technology and training to increase adoption of our digital tools

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Vanna engages members wherever they are:

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System Integration

Vanna integrates into local emergency departments, inpatient units, crisis centers, and correctional facilities to support sustained community reintegration.
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Community Engagement

Vanna conducts outreach and community events to invite members to join Vanna Connect. Members who have disengaged from the healthcare system or broader community are excited to join Vanna Connect and appreciate the support in getting reconnected to trusted resources.

We enable clinical care that delivers better outcomes and lower total cost of care:

  • Care coordination with our trusted network of healthcare providers and partners

  • Urgent medication needs

  • Community and home-based services

  • ...and more

Vanna enables clinical care that delivers better outcomes and lowers total cost of care:

Trusted Provider Network

Vanna builds partnerships and coordinates care for members within your network of local healthcare providers
  • The trust and ongoing engagement cultivated with members via Vanna Connect, in turn, enables Vanna to support member engagement with local providers, increasing care plan and medication adherence, and decreasing no show rates

Vanna Clinical Staff Fills the Gaps

Depending on local needs, Vanna can staff physician consultants, psychiatrists, nurse practitioners, nurses, and PCPs to provide:
  • Clinical oversight for coaches as they support members’ recovery via Vanna Connect

  • Short-term support for urgent medication needs

  • Flexible care at home, via telehealth, or out in the community for members who are unwilling or unable to travel to a traditional clinic

Vanna's technology enables a personalized experience, reduces staff burnout, and allows our solution to scale

Member Relationship Management (MRM) system

Our primary mobile-first application used by Vanna Coaches to outreach, engage, assess, and coordinate care for our members. Supports dynamic, multi-channel communication (SMS, phone, in person) and care plan creation.

Digital Community Tools

Member, Pod, or clubhouse discussion boards, Q&A, featured content such as healthy relationships and medication management, and information and planning for upcoming in-peron or virtual events.

Care Management Platform

Our Care Management Platform streamlines the complex day-to-day functions done by our Vanna Coaches and clinicians, such as task management, team collaboration, route planning, and scheduling.

Follow a member's journey with Vanna

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George* is a proud grandfather of four who has been diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder and diabetes.

George is referred by his Medicaid health plan to Vanna in Philadelphia, PA where he lives.

* Not an actual member

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