Our mission

Vanna is reimagining healthcare for people with serious mental illness (SMI). Our mission is to empower people with SMI to flourish by finding purpose and a sense of belonging in the community. The solution is social, not just medical. We're rebuilding the payment and care model from the ground up - so people with SMI can enjoy long, healthy, meaningful lives.

Emilio: The inspiration for Vanna Health

I've been open in the past about my father, Emilio, who spent the large majority of his life fighting mental illness before dying by suicide.

Growing up with a parent with SMI has had a lasting impact in how I approach the world. As a child I was always insecure, scared, lonely and sad. As an adult, I have been able to thrive thanks to my wife, my family, and therapy.

I have constantly asked myself, why can I have a happy life and so many experiencing mental illness end up like my father? In part it's because I received treatment when I needed it.

Today we are unveiling Vanna Health. At Vanna Health, we believe that a sense of belonging and engagement in the community is the foundation for improving overall health and wellbeing for individuals with serious mental illness.


Giovanni Colella, MD

Co-Founder & CEO

old photograph of emilio