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Estimated savings from solutions like Vanna, translating into:


In annual savings nationwide ($12B-$17B in Medicaid alone)

SMI drives significant physical health costs with a population that is challenging for health plans to engage

Diagnoses of highest cost members which represent > 50% of total health plan spend

pie chart showing 75% behavioral health diagnosis and 25% no BH diagnosis
75% of highest cost members have a chronic behavioral health condition
40% have SMI

Cost breakdown for highest cost members

pie chart showing 70% physical health costs and 30% behavioral health costs
70% of spending for members with BH conditions is related to physical health
Largely driven by ED and inpatient utilization
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Boost engagement

Best in class SMI providers only reach 20-30% of their attributed population. The Vanna Health solution is designed to build trust and increase engagement from people with SMI with their healthcare provider.

Empower people with SMI to flourish

Vanna provides compassionate care to a group of people who have faced a life of discrimination. The Vanna Health solution is a first step toward our overall mission of empowering people with SMI to live with dignity and respect as active participants in society.

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Vanna is an innovative new approach that holds great promise not only to improve the quality of mental health care, but importantly, to accelerate innovation in addressing long-standing health inequities.

Andrew Dreyfus, Former President & CEO of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts

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