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Follow the journey of a member through Vanna Connect.

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Meet George

George* is referred by a Medicaid MCO to Vanna Connect.

After repeated experiences of discrimination in the healthcare system, George’s distrust of the medical system has led him to stop taking medication and avoid treatment for a diabetic ulcer on his foot.

  • Proud grandfather of four

  • From West Philadelphia

  • Diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder and diabetes

* Not an actual member

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First, our team assigns a Vanna Coach named Tanya

Vanna uses our proprietary matching algorithm to identify the best coach for George based on the following data:

  • Extensive clinical experience and member preferences

  • Demographic data

  • Utilization patterns from claims data

  • Historical coach performance data

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Tanya reaches out to George as part of Vanna’s Community Engagement channel

Tanya visits George at the transitional housing facility where he currently resides. She coordinates several visits until he feels comfortable sharing more about his interests and personal goals.

She incorporates this information into a personalized plan that can support George in achieving his goals.

George's Goals:
  • Get permanent housing near his grandchildren

  • Take his family to the zoo

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Tanya invites George to begin visiting a clubhouse in his neighborhood

Tanya is guided by Vanna’s personalized engagement engine, which suggests key engagement strategies.

She invites George to a nearby clubhouse, where he begins to participate in the kitchen unit, preparing meals for the clubhouse community.

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Tanya encourages George to join a pod support group through Vanna

George connects with peers in his community who have faced similar challenges. He begins to feel part of a larger community.

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With Vanna’s support, George achieves his goal of permanent housing

As George builds confidence in his work at the clubhouse, Tanya encourages him to apply to a Supported Housing Program.

Through the program, George is able to secure an apartment near his grandchildren.

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Vanna helps George receive integrated healthcare - allowing him to achieve his goal of taking his family to the zoo

Tanya helps George to see how healthcare is critical to achieving his goal of going to the zoo with his family.

He receives a long-acting injectable antipsychotic medication for his schizoaffective disorder, as well as treatment for his foot ulcer caused by diabetes. This prevents his condition from worsening into needing amputation.

Soon, George feels healthy enough to take his family to the zoo.

Compare the outcomes

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George, without Vanna Connect
Avoids treatment for diabetes-related foot ulcer, leading to amputation
Discontinues medication, leading to mental health crisis and expensive crisis based care
Cannot access housing due to health challenges and difficulty navigating resources on his own
George, with Vanna Connect
Secures housing near his family
Achieves personal goals, including taking his family to the zoo
Discovers renewed purpose and sense of community
Improves mental and physical health

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